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Uzzuri Deli, cp

Uzzuri Deli & Bar

Located in the heart of Connaught Place, Uzzuri Deli & Bar offers an exciting world cuisine, the best cocktails in town laced with stories of discovery in and around the neighbourhood.

The restaurant is inspired by the vibrancy, warmth and people of Connaught Place. Each locality has its own stories and places which one must visit. Along with great food and drinks, Uzzuri offers its customers a little history, a little discovery and a little fun through finding new places by using coordinates on google maps. The posters on the walls hint at places worth seeing and a larger than life map helps you find them. The idea is to incorporate modern ways to navigate and find places coupled with our desire for wanderlust.

The concept behind Uzzuri is discovery – of food, people and places. Thus each branch of Uzzuri will shape itself to its neighbourhood, find people worth talking to, places worth visiting in the area and celebrate local flavours with as much aplomb as it does its own food.

The Cocktail Bar at Uzzuri

The Uzzuri Octopus is an inquisitive gentleman, equipped with gadgets of travel and ready to discover the world. Each of his eight tentacles carries a significant piece of equipment – an empty suitcase ready to be filled with curios, an umbrella for the occasional bad weather, a compass for way finding, a camera for memories, a magnifying glass for details, a map for navigation, all weather boots and a telescope for a closer picture.

He can drink like a fish, moves at a languid pace and has a gentle manner about him. He talks of the old with quiet wonder and celebrates the new with optimism and enthusiasm. Uzzuri invites you to come and have a drink with him.

The vermillion/red of the logo symbolizes energy and warmth and the uneven circle stands for unplanned journeys. We must get a little lost before finding a place and talk to strangers before meeting our friends. So if you are in the neighbourhood, drop in, meet new people and see what Connaught Place has to offer.



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